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From billowing Live Oak branches to colorful Crepe Myrtles, New Orleans makes an ideal home for iconic greenery. At TPG – The Plant Gallery, we love helping home and business owners 皇冠现金盘 a landscape that’s both beautiful and functional. 我们的团队 of more than 60 licensed landscape architects, 灌溉 and 照明 experts, horticulturalists, and technical professionals will create a stunning result for your property. Whether you want to transform an existing garden or you’re starting with a blank slate, we take a client-driven approach that will integrate your unique vision with our professional knowledge and expertise.

In addition to building your dream green space, we can also incorporate hardscaping elements into your 皇冠现金盘 to add functionality and dimension. 我们安装 pavers to create beautiful retaining walls, pathways, and raised gardens. You can also stop by our 花园中心 to find your perfect plants, as well as decorative items like fountains and pots to complete your 皇冠现金盘.

For added convenience, we can work with subcontractors to facilitate other aspects of the project that can’t be completed in-house. 这种方式, you can have one point of contact for the project to keep it on schedule and within your budget. Other services we can contract out include:

  • 混凝土浇注
  • 排水
  • Pool 皇冠现金盘 and installation
  • Tree maintenance and pruning
  • 铁制品

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Local 皇冠现金盘 Services

Landscape Design

一个出色的 皇冠现金盘 is crucial for an exceptional garden. We start our 皇冠现金盘 process with a consultation on your property to see the existing garden and learn more about your aesthetic, as well as any challenges with the functionality and layout of the space. After we draft your 皇冠现金盘, we’ll review it with you again before working out a timeline that will complete the project in a timely manner.

Landscape Lighting

我们安装 series of upturned lights and downturned lights to enhance a garden’s accents and illuminate small plants, allowing the garden to be observed and appreciated at all hours of the day. 我们的先进的 照明 systems can be programmed to turn on at a 皇冠现金盘ated time, or you can choose to manually direct the 照明 system according to your preferences or activities.

Landscape Irrigation

Remembering to water your plants every day can be a hassle, and it’s equally problematic if you leave your house for an extended period of time. 我们安装 灌溉 systems that allow you to sit back and simply enjoy the end product. Our commercial-grade systems divide the garden into multiple zones and are then programmed to sprinkle water in each zone during timed intervals, ensuring that every part of the garden is covered and well-nourished.

融资 Your Landscape Project

我们推荐的 Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions credit card to help finance your landscape 皇冠现金盘 project with TPG – The Plant Gallery. 如果得到批准, the card offers no interest when paid in full with regular monthly payments within the agreed period. You’ll receive a quick credit decision and can use the revolving line of credit for future purchases.

Our Landscape Portfolio

Take a look at some of the beautiful results our team at TPG – The Plant Gallery has achieved for clients across Greater New Orleans. We take pride in our deep understanding of the region and can’t wait to help you transform your property.

Planning your Dream Garden